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Wine Club Blog Challenge

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Take up the blog challenge!

You are cordially invited to enter this blog challenge.

Please write about this blog-worthy wine club in your blog:
  • The top two monthly winning blog posts will receive free gifts from the Celebrations Wine Club, retail value up to $75, as a thank you gift.
  • Please email with any questions, comments,
    suggestions, or to submit your entry in this blog challenge.

Your blog post must be 250 words or more; uniquely original content.
  • Have at least one more link to another page inside the CWC site.
  • Bonus points awarded for social media; tweeting links to CWC, posting facebook updates + links, likes on facebook, or following @CelebrateWine.
Rule #1: Talk mainly about the CLUBS and gifts, not the challenge!
Hints: Wine Club memberships make great gifts!
Which membership(s) would you put on your wish list?

Which gifts would you want to give to three wine-loving friends?

Quality and relevance are some of the primary considerations.

A panel of three judges will recommend their nominations to the wine witch for her final selections each week.
Judges may tweet links to any delightful blog entries they enjoyed,
or post good comments on your blog.
One of our judges is an internet marketing pro who likes to meet bloggers
in cyberspace and chat. Let's discuss SEO, Social Media, or blogging?

Wine Blog Challenge.
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